Women Body and Soul

Women Body and Soul

Welcome to the webpage for the WBAI 99.5 FM, NYC Pacifica Radio show Women: Body & Soul hosted by Nathalie Thandiwe. Womanist, social justice analysis of issues, events and culture.

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Women in Haiti, After the Earthquake

“The way you saw the earth shake, that’s how our bodies are shaking now,” says a Haitian woman activist, speaking about sexual assault and violence against women and children in Haiti since the earthquake January 12, 2010. We’ll discuss the safety of women and girls, reports that aid is not reaching the people of Haiti, and that the process for rebuilding Haiti politically, economically, socially and physically, has excluded women.

Guests: Marie St. Cyr, Haitian human rights advocate, Board Member of MADRE and  Lambi Fund of Haiti. Beverly Bell author of the book Walking on Fire: Haitian Women’s Stories of Survival and Resistance and Nicole Phillips, staff attorney of Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti

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Child Sex Abuse Prevention & Awareness

We’ll look at child sexual abuse and examine why so many people defend the perpetrators while blaming victims when they’re girls.  We will examine how this double standard impacts African American girls in particular.  We’ll also explore how we can end the language that grooms consenting bystanders and victims, and how we can end child sex abuse.

Guests: Deborah Donovan Rice, Executive Director, www.stopitnow.org

Stop It Now!® a sexual abuse prevention organization, providing resources for adults to take responsibility for creating safer communities.  Ted Bunch,  Co-Founder – A CALL TO MEN an organization committed to ending violence and discrimination against women and girls.

Correspondent Gina McCauley, of What About Our Daughters.com, gives us a Free Black Woman’s take on a culture that defends violent criminals and throws their women and girl targets under the bus as collateral damage.

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