Women Body and Soul

Women Body and Soul

1.The Fatherless Daughter & 2. Reinventing Dad: 6/18 @ 12 noon, WBAI Pacifica Radio 99.5 FM, NYC

daddys-little-girlThe Fatherless Daughter radio interview with guest Jonetta Rose Barras, Whatever Happened to Daddy’s Little Girl? author, columnist and DC Politics radio host (WPFW, Tuesdays @ 11 am) Jonetta Rose Barras speaks about the Impact of Fatherlessness.
What happens to girls who grow up without their father?
How does it shape their growth, life choices and relationships?
For those who mourn or rage at this loss, where is the healing?

raisekids-bomaniReinventing Dad radio interview with guests Professor Mark Anthony Neal, father and author of New Black Man, along with hip hop musician, educator and father, Bomani Armah (Peek-a-Boo, Read a Book, Grown Ass Man), discuss how men and families can benefit from the reinvention of fatherhood.
How does our concept of masculinity inform fatherhood and how does it confine fathers?
What role is there for fathers who cannot provide materially for their children/ families?
How does feminism fit into fatherhood?

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  1. LaBelleDominique says:

    What a wonderful, heartening, informative show. It is good to learn that there is a growing number of progressive black men with feminist consciousness in our midst who are implementing the best of feminist precepts in their parenting and living. Thank goodness, thank heavens! And bless these fathers and you for bringing Light and Love.

  2. demetriajd says:

    Nathalie Thandiwe, I checked out an archive of this show last night. I really enjoyed it! I thought you delicately, compassionately and insightfully navigated through that conversation with the author. I enjoyed it so much that I subscribed to your show on itunes!!!

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