Women Body and Soul

Women Body and Soul

I Hate that Bitch! (Why Can’t We Just All Get Along?..) – 8/14/08

The book, Tripping the Prom Queen: The Truth About Women & Rivalry
with author Susan Shapiro Barash.

Guest Susan Shapiro Barash is an established writer of books on women’s issues, covering topics such as women and: in-laws, lying; extramarital affairs; sister relationships; stepfamilies; being 2nd wives; recovering from bad choices and more. Ms. Barash teaches at the Writing Institute at Sarah Lawrwence College and Gender Studies at Marymount Manhattan College.

Tripping the Prom Queen Quote:
“As with all types of female competition, the perpetual beauty contest is fueled by basic scarcity, what I call the not enough pie syndrome. If there were enough to go around-enough solo violin recitals,good men, high-powered jobs–I believe that female rivalry would be far less sharp. But because women have so little access to the goals they seek, they are forced to compete for a tiny slice of the pie, a situation that cannot help but breed the virulent competitions we have observed.”

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